O maior guia Para Cristina

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Cristina values logic and practical thinking above emotional reasoning, but has undergone several emotional situations since becoming an intern. She has been described as cold, cut-throat and hardcore, which she defines as her "edge" and has helped her during her internship but has caused emotional problems in relationships such as with Burke and George who describes her as a "robot".

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Cristina Ferreira comenta as reações a 1 dos looks dos Globos de Ouro: "As vizinhos acham de que eu me incomodo usando isto!"

Unable to deal with her emotions about the pregnancy and abortion, she distanced herself from a bewildered, frustrated Burke, telling only Meredith about her pregnancy, as she was her person she had put down in case of a medical emergency. Meanwhile, her covert relationship with Burke came out into the open after George saw them kissing and told Meredith and Izzie. After the Chief told Burke that he could only be interim Chief of Surgery if he was prepared to sacrifice his personal life, he decided to break up with Cristina.

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When saving Derek's life during the shooting, Jackson suggested saying a prayer, but Cristina denied this, because "a prayer is completely useless right now". Instead, she used Derek's usual phrase before cutting to his chest "It's a beautiful day to save lives. Let's have some fun."

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After the shooting, Cristina suffered from PTSD and Owen took care of her, eventually proposing to her. Not long after, they got married in front of all their friends in a ceremony held at Meredith's and moved in together, purchasing an old firehouse that they decorated. Cristina later found out that she was pregnant with their child. Owen was thrilled, but Cristina, not wanting to become a mother, told him that she was going to have an abortion.

She was instructed to basically run the cardiothoracic department, take point on cases, and to only defer the interesting cases to him. Later, she forces Russell to rely on her for his research. Notes and Trivia

She's so focused on keeping everybody happy she's the one that really needs all the up bringing. She may say shes OKbut on the inside she's secretly dying. So help her out of that dark void she's going through.

She lost from Bailey when Meredith, who turned out to be Richard's medical proxy, relied on the labs and let Bailey operate. Before Owen was going into surgery with Bailey, Cristina gave him instructions and put them in Owen's phone, even though he told her it wasn't necessary. He kindly told her she was a challenging person, which she already knew. Cristina went back find out here now to Meredith's room, where Meredith asked her to say she made the right decision. Cristina let go of her professional opinion and told Meredith she did.[32]

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